Our Environmental Policy

At Fruits in the City we are committed to continuously improving our environmental credentials as the company expands.

Excess Fruit

We provide fruit to a local charitable organisation called Streetwork which helps vulnerable people achieve a life off the streets.

The fruit is perfectly edible. However, our stringent quality check processes result in us rejecting a variable amount of fruit each week, which in turn is repacked and donated to the charity. The fruit may only carry slight imperfections or be undersized. This reinforces the lengths we go to in order to maintain consistently high quality for our customers.
Fruits in the City has also teamed up with Edinburgh Zoo again with the aim of reducing waste food whilst helping the Zoo maintain the health and welfare of animals.

Packaging recycling

Many of our fruit items come packed in cardboard packaging which is then flattened and taken out for recycling for composting and sale by a well known Edinburgh based company.

Fruit boxes/baskets

Our fruit boxes are made from treated wood and the fruit baskets are wicker. All fruit boxes/baskets are delivered full and we then collect the empty boxes/baskets to re-use for subsequent deliveries. Not a cardboard box in sight!

Delivery service

We do our utmost to ensure delivery routes are well planned in order to avoid the duplication of van paths and allowing us to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Fruits HQ policy

We send all our monthly client invoices in PDF format and ask for our client payment receipts to be sent to us via email.

We also ensure that all paper products bought have a high content of recycled paper and where possible we try and find a second life for items especially paper and office stationery. Scrap paper will be used in printers, for taking messages and writing notes or draft copies of documents. We are committed to the re-use of envelopes and packaging.

Among other things, we take simple steps such as: turning off computer monitors when we leave for the evening, turning off lights, using refillable printer cartridges.

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