Why have fruit in the office?

These days our bodies need more vitamins and minerals than ever before. This is because we work longer hours, are exposed to more toxic fumes from pollution and are under more stress than we used to be. Eating fruit every day is a simple way of reducing the stress of daily life and a perfect way to create a healthier workplace.

Is it not cheaper for me to buy fruit from the nearest fruit shop?

The fruit may well be a little cheaper, but you can almost guarantee that it won’t be the same quality as ours. With poor quality fruit, you will probably end up throwing some of it out and it won’t last long.
The cost of fruit is not the only aspect. You’ve got to account for the cost of your time, the delivery cost to get the fruit delivered to your office and the time spent removing packaging and distributing the fruit into the appropriate reciprocals.
Fruits in the City provide the complete service to you. We are also more than happy to put the fruit out in the appropriate staff break out areas.

Will the fruit be difficult to eat in the office?

No, we only provide hand-held fruit that is easy to eat in the office.

What happens if my regular delivery day coincides with a public holiday?

If your regular delivery day happens to coincide with a public holiday we will deliver your fruit the following day.

How often do you deliver?

We operate Mon – Friday and we aim to make all of our deliveries ideally before 1pm. Deliveries can be made daily, weekly or even on an ad-hoc monthly basis.
Our vans are on the roads from 07:30am and sometimes earlier for those customers that have early access. The deliveries we make are carefully planned to avoid route duplication, increase efficiency and work towards our environmental efforts.

How do we pay?

You will be sent out a monthly PDF invoice. Payment can be made by BACS or cheque. We do ask that the relevant invoice reference number is quoted on all payments.

How will we receive our fruit?

The fruit will be delivered to you in your choice of either a presentable wicker fruit basket or wooden fruit box (no unsightly cardboard boxes from us). We also do the small things like separating the bananas and providing portioned grapes.
Please note we do ask for the return of the boxes/baskets so we can reuse these for other customer orders.

Is this a permanent contract?

None of our customers are tied to permanent contracts. If you have a regular arrangement with us and you are looking to miss a week we do ask for at least 48hours notice.
Should you wish to cancel completely we would ask for you to finish the fruit deliveries for the month you are currently in.

Can I set up an order across several addresses?

Yes, we can easily arrange this for you. We have a number of customers who we service across different company addresses.

What happens if the fruit doesn’t reach us in perfect condition?

We have strict quality controls with undersized or damaged fruit being donated to our community charities. However, on very small occasions despite our best efforts things can slip through. Should this occur Fruits in the City offers a 100% fruit guarantee. If any piece or fruit is damaged or deemed over ripe please let us know and we’ll replace these on the next delivery free of charge.

Is there a discount if we arrange delivery for our offices in both Edinburgh and Glasgow?

Yes, of course. Many of our customers who have offices in both cities benefit from a reduced rate due to bulk orders.

Our office doesn’t like figs can we change these for something else?

Of course. We appreciate that every workplace has differing tastes and we will do our best to ensure your specific needs are catered for within your budget and with seasonal availability. If you ever want to make any changes please pick up the phone or email us.

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